Providing your users with valuable interactions, by looking at your business from every angle.

Every company faces unique challenges when creating valuable digital solutions for their users, customers, or employees. Below are a few collaboration stories from the wide range of clients who solved their digital innovation challenges and upgraded their business through working with motm.


Starting with customer interviews and ending with a thorough analysis of competitors’ e-shops, Neudörfler is on their way to an e-commerce space that resonates with their brand.

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A concept was developed to merge the functions of WZ’s two tendering platforms, relying on modular design to achieve two faces: one for clients and one for contractors.

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IST Austria

As a PhD-granting research institution dedicated to cutting-edge research in the physical, mathematical, computer, and life sciences, IST Austria aims for excellence in everything it does. motm’s mission for the relaunch of their website was to deliver a product that holds up to these standards.

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Weiterdenker is the digital platform for a climate neutral Burgenland. For all who want to rent photovoltaic panels. For all who want to switch to electro-mobility. For all who want to improve their personal energy performance and actively contribute to climate protection. Right now.

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Blending user research, market perspectives, and competitive research, eMentalist gained a sense of potential users’ challenges and identified product positions that enhance their business objectives.

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MedAustron – Social

Raising awareness for innovation in cancer treatment by creating valuable content for social media. motm’s services include customized video production and content creation, tailored to fit the needs of the specific channel.

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Brau Union

Re-designing Schnips for simplicity, user-retention, and engagement, making it easier to connect with Brau Union’s associated brands. Through an iterative process of strategy and visual design work, the app’s main purpose and core features were refined and the UI given a fresh look, making it easier for users to collect points while enjoying their free time with their loved ones.


Building a unified cross-brand UX concept, while maintaining unique brand designs. With an emphasis on user-centered design and intuitive interaction, motm handled all front-end development and created a flexible component system for internal website maintenance.

Raiffeisen Landesbank OÖ

Digitalization and cultural shifts are leading to evolving customer expectations, making POS transformation a strategic question. This presents an opportunity to create engaging new experiences for customers.


Making farmers’ lives simpler through a farming digital assistant. Together with Lagerhaus, motm developed a concept for a scalable digital platform called Onfarming that provides a future-proof solution for farmers’ needs.

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