Wiener Zeitung

Combining the functionalities of two tendering platforms in one

Wiener Zeitung

MOTM role

Art Direction
UX/UI Concept and Design
Coding UI Library/Inventory

Project timeline

December 2019 — April 2020

The challenge

Wiener Zeitung needed to combine two tendering platforms. We set out to create a transparent and intuitive platform for public and private sector procurements.

The approach

We applied our years of experience and expertise helping clients and contractors find the perfect match for their needs to create a public procurement process that supports users needs. The strategic conceptual process to creating the brand was to answer questions such as:

  • What would an independent sales agent that provides perfect contract matches be?

  • How do we give the brand a recognizable personality in external communication?

  • Who is part of the target group and what do we know about their needs?

  • What tonality does the communication follow, both visually and linguistically?

Each area is assigned a primary color to be used for the logo variations as well as any graphics and illustrations.‘s personality was defined as customer-oriented, legally compliant, transparent and reliable.’s metaphor is to be a secure and structured signpost and is positioned to be modern, serious, personable, and self-aware. We also defined’s claim, target groups’ needs and wishes, positioning, tone of voice, and writing guidelines.

Creating a metaphor helps us visually and emotionally envision brand behavior, articulating a symbolic idea of a brand that makes a product more tangible.

After working out these essential building blocks of a brand, it was time to translate these insights and decisions into a visual form. In the design process that followed,’s identity was brought to life.

This identity works with three base colors, each of which brings a lighter gradation, and two neutral background colors. In joint brand communication, a combination of all colors may be used, but as soon as one is speaking to a specific target group, e.g. clients, only the corresponding colors may be used.’s color concept incorporated elements of the existing common area, contractor’s area, and client’s area of their website.

We also created new icons inspired from the re-worked logo and typefaces, and defined a corresponding UI library.

For further design flexibility, theme-specific illustrations were created. The style of these illustrations are derived from reduced geometric shapes, such as a triangle, bar, and circle. Most of the elements are flat and filled with one of the primary colors. Photography guidelines, a redefined logo and word mark, and rules for using the logo and logo variants were also provided, in order to convey a professional image of the brand at all times.

The results

With the Wiener Zeitung’s eProcurement platform, public and private sector clients become strategic buyers and contractors become networkers. enables complex procurement processes to be carried out that are end-to-end, legally compliant and comprehensible. Although the platform meets highly formalized and regulated requirements, it offers a modern and intuitive user experience.

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