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MedAustronSocial media content

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Project timeline

Month 2016 — ongoing

MedAustron – Facebook page

The challenge

Raising awareness for innovation in cancer treatment and research

The approach

MedAustron is a cutting-edge cancer treatment and research center located in Wiener Neustadt, Austria. In order to raise awareness for their innovative treatment options on a national and international level, they wanted to build a social media presence with the long term goal of creating an engaged online community. To achieve this, the first step was to collaborate with MedAustron in developing a robust and hands-on social media strategy for content creation. Then a content-creation process was developed and implemented. To this day, motm continues to produce content for MedAustron, providing cancer patients from around the world – and their families – with informative and meaningful content.

The first step in an exciting project like this is understanding the target audience.

It was especially important to get a sense of what the user, primarily cancer patients and their relatives, might need. Using design thinking methods, social media guidelines were developed and implemented over the course of one year.

Educating users about innovative possibilities.

In a world of 24-hour news cycles and nonstop updates, getting people to pay attention to your message is crucial. MedAustron’s motto is “We can bring hope,” and the goal was to raise awareness about this innovative cancer treatment and research institute in Austria.

The results

The main goal of this project was to educate and inform dedicated target groups (experts, patients and the general public) about the range of treatment options available at MedAustron. Moving forward with the project, Facebook and LinkedIn accounts were set up, and a calendar for content creation and publication was developed. Content production began shortly thereafter, and continues to this day.

From strategy to execution

Following our social media strategy, tailored social media content, such as videos and post series, continues to be developed for this important cancer treatment center. Since embarking on this project, motm has produced unique content in the form of:

  • Live action and animated videos

  • Illustrations

  • Infographics

  • Copywriting

The main focus is producing video content. Every piece of content is designed to fit MedAustron’s corporate identity to ensure maximum brand recognition. In close collaboration with the client, motm is constantly developing new content for different target groups.

Since 2016, MedAustron’s social media community continues to grow. Through the strategies and guidelines developed and employed for MedAustron, awareness of ion therapy and its incredible potential continues to grow. Motm’s on-going services include video production and content creation tailored to fit MedAustron’s needs.

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