Towards an e-Commerce space for a new B2C target audience


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Project timeline

January 2021 — March 2021

The challenge

To expand into a new B2C market, our client needed data-based insights on targeting future customers and an analysis of the B2C digital market.

The approach

Trend research sprint was focused on qualitative interviews with potential customers, or otherwise stated, the client’s competitors’ customers. Interviewees were asked to show us their home office set up and walk us through their experience when making each purchase. Aside from generating strategic insights into customers needs and wants when buying furniture online, the interview data was also used to create refined personas from the client’s proto-personas, as well as customer journeys. The main emphasis of both documents was to help the client empathize with their future customers’ major pain points, so that they can innovate on solving them and heighten their chances of success at attracting customers away from their competitors and bringing new customers into their B2C channel.

Two sprint phases, one goal.

The second sprint phase focused on competitive research. We studied the client’s direct and indirect competitors, analyzing them against UX-focused categories as well as categories of central importance to our client’s and brand. This material led to the creation of a value proposition for their soon-to-be-built e-Commerce space. In order to be sure the client’s core brand values are baked into their new B2C channel, we ran a “how might we” session dedicated to ideating on exactly this prompt, generating dozens of fresh ideas to ensure the client’s new digital presence will still look and feel like them.

The results

Equipped with refined personas, e-commerce oriented customer journeys, and a thorough UX-focused competitive analysis of the online furniture marketplace, Neudörfler is on their way to a strategically well-designed e-commerce space.

Through constant collaboration, we ensured that every deliverable furthers Neudörfler on their journey to delighting customers with beautifully designed office furniture.



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