Regionalmanagement Burgenland / Energie BurgenlandWeb portal

Burgenland’s first green participation platform

Regionalmanagement Burgenland / Energie BurgenlandWeb portal

MOTM services

Design direction
UX/UI design
Front- & backend development

Project timeline

Nov 2020 — Jan 2021

The challenge

The core idea is to enable every Burgenland resident to actively shape the upcoming energy transformation.

The approach

Climate protection is one of the most important challenges of our time. People are asking: what can I personally contribute to improve the climate in my region? is the answer for all Burgenland’s residents and a solution to personally improve our climate. Burgenland’s goal is to become the most liveable and climate friendly region in Europe. To achieve this goal, many different lighthouse initiatives are already planned.

The results is the digital platform for a climate neutral Burgenland. For all who want to rent photovoltaic panels. For all who want to switch to electro-mobility. For all who want to improve their personal energy performance and actively contribute to climate protection. Right now.

»The world needs motivational pros – not only to take the users along with us on a digital journey on but also to animate them to take concrete climate action.«

Doz.-FH Mag. Alf Netek, MA, CEO menonthemoon is a joint initiative of Land Burgendland and Energie Burgenland, supported by the United Nations program U4SSC.

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